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Marlène Jöbstl

Photo: Agustin Tentesion Benitez Mir



Marlène Jöbstl double culture France Austria born 1975 lives in Barcelona. Marlène represents an unconventional and responsible art. She plays with the paradox, humor and provocation. Her work is honest, sensual, grotesque, naive, always revealing an art on the edge. She specializes in direction, choreography, pedagogy, artistic research. 25 years in performing arts.


Photo: Maarten Vanden Abeele
artistic director Brandon Lagaert



Kaiho’ has been founded in order to add a certain coherence to the different outcomes of Brandon Lagaert’s work and to visualise his evolution from performer to artistic director. His work investigates the borders, similarities, contradictions and relations between polar opposites, such as dance and theatre, body and objects, aesthetic and story.