DAGADA dance company

Photo: Yasemin A.d.Kahmen
Photo: Yasemin A.d.Kahmen

choreographer Karolin Stächele



The group is moving between fixed choreography and structured improvisation: An interplay between reality and phantasy is emerging. Radical human states are reflected caused by cultural effects and interpersonal relations. The base for the very physical motion sequences is the strong connection to music. After their successful first piece „loser” (2014), which is a duet of Marta Capaccioli (I) and Yannis Karalis (GR), the group extends with Tidiani N’Diaye (Mali), Amael Mavoungou (Gabun) and Nia Shand (USA) with Karolin Stächele (D) as the artistic director. The concept of their first collective collaborative dance piece „GRENZLAND” (2015) derives from the strong necessity of protecting identities through the preservation of borders.