Samir Calixto

Photo: Joris-Jan Bos
choreograppher Samir Calixto
Den Haag



Samir Calixto (Brazil/The Netherlands) received his education in different art disciplines. These studies included drama at EAD (Dramatic Art School) on São Paulo University and classical singing at the Conservatory of São Paulo City. In the dance field, he gained much of his education as an autodidact. For his dance solo debut Eros in 1999 he won the first prize at Nascente/ Abril Festival. While moving to Europe in 2004 Samir made the definitive switch to the dance career, getting in touch with the rich Dutch and European dance scene.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Establishing then his freelancing status as a dancer, he had in 2005 his solo “Wash Me Up” placed as a finalist at the Best Dance Solo Competition in Leipzig (coordinated by Alain Platel).
Since then Samir has worked in productions by Korzo Theatre, Danswerkplaats Amsterdam and others as a freelancer. In parallel to his works as a dancer, Samir has been dedicated to develop his own works, between them ‘Grondzaken’ (2007), in collaboration with the visual artist Wilma Marijnissen, ‘Beating Hollow’ (2009) – performance winner of the second prize on the Jur Naessens Prijs – and Névé (Winterreise- Part 1) for Korzo Productions . His first full evening programme, comprising of three parts of the Winterreise tetralogy, had its successful premiére on the 2011 edition of Cadance Festival. His full length piece 4 Seasons had its première in February 2013, being highly praised by both critics and public. This choreography received a nomination for the “ZWAAN” – the most important Dutch dance prize – as most impressive choreography of the year. In 2014 Calixto was the first recipient of the BNG EXCELLENT TALENT DANCE AWARD, a choreography prize for outstanding choreographic talent in The Netherlands. His piece Paradise Lost – was also granted with a special commission for the BNG Cultural Fonds Jubileum, and opened the ethe Cadance Festival in 2015. His performances have been in Holland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Senegal and South Korea.[/read]